Leaflet for Red Paper Seminar 16 Feb 2013
Leaflet for Red Paper Seminar 16 Feb 2013 - click to download PDF

Red Paper Collective Seminar:
Help develop the Labour Movement alternative for radical constitutional change
16 February 2013
10am – 1pm
STUC 333 Woodlands Road
Glasgow G3 6NG

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Creating a radical alternative for Constitutional Change

If you are dissatisfied with the choice offered in the Referendum between the SNP YES and the Better Together NO, you are invited to join the Red Paper Collective search for an alternative.  A radical constitution must ensure that Scotland has greater democratic control of its economy and greater equality through the ability to redistribute wealth.  The Red Paper’s aim is to influence the debate within the labour and trade union movement to ensure that it is united behind a commitment to make the politics of class, not nation, the driving force in Scotland.

Seminar Programme
Coffee available 10am £1.50
Entrance fee £3.00 or £1.00 unwaged

The Red Paper Perspective
Jackson Cullinane; John Foster; Lynn Henderson

Economics of Social Progress
Richard Leonard

Democratic Control and Ownership
Tommy Kane & Neil Findlay MSP

Changing the Balance of Class Forces
Stephen Low

The Political Challenge
Vince Mills, Dave Moxham, Eric Shaw

Chair: Pauline Bryan

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Supporters of the Red Paper Collective:

Pauline Bryan, Chik Collins, Jackson Cullinane, Neil Findlay MSP, John Foster, Lynn Henderson, Tommy Kane, Richard Leonard, Stephen Low, Jennifer McCarey, Alan McKinnon, Vince Mills, Tom Morrison, Stephen Smellie, Elaine Smith MSP, David Shaw,  Eric Shaw, Dave Watson.


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