Scotland’s Future – Red Paper on White Paper

Red Paper on White Paper - coverPamphlet by Red Paper Collective
in response to Scottish Government’s white paper on published 26 November 2013

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Red Paper on the White Paper
The Red Paper Collective wants a Scotland that is more equal and democratic.  We want a Scotland in which there is an economic democracy that gives people a say over their lives and employment and in which the Scottish parliament has powers to own and develop our utilities and strategic industries. We want relations with the other nations of Britain that are based on equity and fairness and a recognition of the duty to share in face of social need – and where ordinary people have the collective strength to address the concentrated power of wealth and privilege. The Red Paper Collective therefore calls for a radical federalism in which national parliaments have the powers long called for by the Scottish Trade Union Congress and the Scottish Left.

This does not exist at present.  But neither can such powers be found in the proposals set out by the Scottish Government in its Independence White Paper.  The White Paper surrenders the key powers over the economy to external institutions, the Bank of England and the European Commission, institutions which will inevitably enforce the same neo-liberal policies, on terms set by big business and finance, that are currently destroying jobs and welfare across Britain and the EU.