The Red Paper Collective is made up of a group of activists: trade unionists, academics, politicians.  Our purpose is to provide a Labour Movement alternative to the sterile nationalist v unionist debate around the referendum.

We are more interested in the politics of class than the politics of nationalism, in social and economic change rather than constitutional change.

Through publications and debates we are looking at where power really lies – and how it can be put in the hands of working people.

The answer to the real problems facing people in Scotland is not to be found in a flag, a border or even a list of powers in Edinburgh and London.  It is what you intend to do with these powers and for what purpose.

Members of the Red Paper Collective are:

Pauline Bryan, Matthew Crighton, Jackson Cullinane, Neil Findlay MSP, John Foster, Tommy Kane, Lynn Henderson,  Muir Houston, Richard Leonard, Stephen Low, Alan Mackinnon,  Vince Mills, Tom Morrison, David Shaw, Eric Shaw, Stephen Smellie, Elaine Smith MSP, Dave Watson