PROGRESSIVE FEDERALISM a socialist strategy for democracy in the UK

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The Case for Progressive Federalism
Pauline Bryan Convenor Red Paper Collective

Federalism, the Scottish Economy and
Economic Democracy
John Foster  Emeritus Professor, Social Sciences, UWS
Ewan Gibbs  UCU & Unite Community Activist & PhD Researcher
Richard Leonard GMB Scotland Political Officer

Local Economics
Dave Watson Head of Policy and Public Affairs at UNISON Scotland

Workplace Democracy
Jackson Cullinane Head of Unite Scotland’s Politics,
Research & Campaigns Unit (in an individual capacity)

Progressive Federalism and the
Re-foundation of the Scottish Labour Party
Vince Mills Vice Chair Scottish Campaign for Socialism

Editor Pauline Bryan
April 2016

The Red Paper Collective is a group of trade unionists, academics and political activists. Our purpose is to provide a labour movement alternative to the sterile nationalist v unionist debate. We are more interested in social and economic change than in constitutional change.