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  1. “We’re different up here”.

    I have never heard or read that statement until I openned the Redpaper website today. So please Mr Low, quote your source. I suspect you’ve made it up, if so this article may look like a serious piece of analysis, with all the graphs and charts but in reality it is no more than a preamble based upon a deliberate, premeditated falsehood.
    What the nationalists are saying is “We want to do things differently up here”.
    Why not analyse what we are saying?
    Scotland deserves a radical left of centre critique on independence and it is a disgrace that it is missing from the debate. Instead we have an ‘establishment’ left standing shoulder to shoulder with The Conservative Party and the other reactionary forces of unionism.
    Analyse what the nationalists are offering. Removal of Trident. No more House of Lords running Scotland. That in itself should be enough to persuade anyone on the the left to vote Yes.
    Scotland has a long, honourable history of radical socialists. The present parcel of rogues that claim that inheritance shame their memory.

  2. This paper really is desperate stuff. It was clearly written as an anti-independence tract with a pre-conceived conclusion based, as Richard MacKinnon has said, on a spurious premise using selective facts.

    The issue is not that we ARE different up here, but that things CAN be better up here. Certainly Scots have a lot in common with people in the North of England, but the fact is that UK is presently, and for the foreseeable future will be, governed by a Southern elite – which if anything will drift further to the right in pandering to the electoral pressure of UKIP. Need one wonder why Low’s chosen comparators were not the South East and South West?

    The other fact is that the North of England has rejected proposals for federalism when it was put to them. They do not have the means to change their situation. Scotland does.

    We have achieved a terrific opportunity to disengage themselves from the Westminster establishment. We have the potential to discard Tory imperial day dreams and create a more egalitarian society. Certainly we are not talking about a socialist utopia. We know constraints will still be there, but surely it is not difficult to imagine how our society could be better than the one we have in UK? It wouldn’t be hard would it?
    Anyone who has attended the Radical Independence Conferences or the YES Campaign town meetings can be in no doubt that they are primarily driven by progressive forces. That enthusiasm contrasts starkly with former prevailing British (including Scotland) “Why bother to vote – they are all the same” attitude reflected in steadily declining turnouts at elections.

    I find it tragic that that some British socialists who once were starry eyed over national determination movements and cheering on revolutions are collaborating with reactionary Tory and Labour “Give us more of the same!” elements to undermine the possibility of a more progressive Scottish state being created as an example to our southern neighbours.

  3. Tom, It doesn’t matter what a Yes vote offers Scotland, these socialists have been told to vote No. They are all in well paid positions within the British establishment (Scotland branch). School fees and gold plated union pensions come first.
    Consequentials (from a Yes vote) such as removal of Trident and the House of Lords from Scotland matters not a jot. Keeping Scotland as part of The Union is all that matters.

  4. I’m a socialist myself, and I am quite astonished by the attitude taken by some of these people. I thought our whole purpose was to weaken imperialism and overthrow the establishment. And now we are offered that opportunity without a shot being fired they are doing their best to undermine it. I would like to think that the kind of self-interest you mention isn’t what motivates them but it is hard a to see anything else.

    Does ANYONE really belief England/UK is likely to move to the left in in the foreseeable future?

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