The Herald: Left-wing thinkers issue call for federal UK

from The Herald newspaper Monday 9 September 2013

A FEDERAL UK with sweeping new powers for Scotland would be the best way to deliver a fairer, more equal society, a group of influential trade unionists and left-wing thinkers has concluded writes Magnus Gardham, Herald Political Editor

In a new book set to reinvigorate the referendum debate, the Red Paper group calls for extensive “fiscal devolution” for Scotland along with new powers to nationalise land and industries. The group rejects independence as a “blind alley” and is highly critical of the SNP’s vision for a go-it-alone Scotland, claiming Alex Salmond’s pledge to slash corporation tax and other measures would “ensure the continuation of austerity policies”.

However, The Red Paper on Scotland 2014: Class, Nation and Socialism is equally scathing about Labour’s approach to the referendum…

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