Scottish Labour Devolution Commission

The inaugural meeting of Scottish Labour’s Devolution Commission was held this morning in Glasgow, to discuss the programme of work and principles of the Commission for the coming months. The Group is expected to produce an interim report which will be debated at Scottish Conference next April.

Red Paper Collective member Jackson Cullinane is a member of the Commission, he said:

“Polls of our members show that they are unconvinced by the case for independence but do not favour the status quo. The labour and trade union movement in Scotland has historically been a movement for devolution and this Commission provides an opportunity to explore the options for decentralisation of powers to give ordinary people a greater say and influence over decisions affecting their lives.”

“I am particularly encouraged that the Commission will reach out to community and trade union organisations, listening to their views, focusing on producing a vision of a more equitable and just Scotland and considering how powers can be best re-distributed to make that vision a reality.”

The Commission will be seeking views over the coming months as to where additional powers and responsibilities should lie, not just those devolved to the Scottish Parliament, but from the Scottish Parliament to local authorities across Scotland.

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