People Power pamphlet September 2012

The Citizen* and the Red Paper Collective have combined to produce this pamphlet.  Its aim is to ensure that wherever there is a discussion about the referendum the voice of the labour movement is heard. The labour movement reflects the needs of working people, but also people who cannot work because of ill health, family care commitments, retirement or study, or as is the case for many, because there is no paid work available for them.

The labour movement must represent the needs of these people and ensure that any change to the lonstitution is for their benefit and not for abstract nationalism or to create a more compliant country for corporate capitalism.

The authors of this pamphlet reject the SNP’s version of lndependence and reject the policies of those who are content with the status quo.  They believe that the referendum offers an opportunity to ask more far reaching questions about the future of Scotland and what type of society we want to live in.  We have invited lomrades from Wales and Northern Ireland to contribute to that discussion.

The intention is, at this stage, not to produce a blueprint, but to invite others to enter the debate on what a left alternative might look like.

September 2012

* The Editorial Board of the Citizen is the Executive of the Campaign for Socialism

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