People Power – new Red Paper Collective pamphlet published

People Power: The Labour Movement Alternative for Radical Constitutional Change
Published by the Red Paper Collective
1 September 2012

Scotland needs radical social change as much as new constitutional arrangements. That’s the argument of a new pamphlet from the ‘Red Paper collective’, a group encompassing Labour politicians, senior Trade Unionists, Academics and activists

Published as the STUC begins its consultation on Scotland’s Future (Saturday 1 September) the pamphlet lays bare the social and economic reality of contemporary Scotland and goes on to discuss need for a political will to create the powers and policies necessary to make a real difference.

At its core this paper outlines the urgent need to advance the interests of all people in Scotland and the wider UK: that what counts is what we want/intend to do with whatever powers we have or will attain in the future.

The pamphlet includes contributions on:

People Power: Fighting for Real Power for Scotland’s People
Neil Findlay MSP & Tommy Kane

Fiscal Implications of Constitutional Change
Dave Watson

Who Owns Scotland? The realities of economic power
Richard Leonard

Economic development, progressive values and Scotland as a nation
John Foster

A Labour Movement Alternative
Pauline Bryan

Neil Findlay MSP said,

“We need to get away from debating the mechanics of jurisdictions and referendums and talk about real change. We have to begin by analysing the current state of Scotland and then address the question of what type of society we want to create. This series of articles does both.”

Dave Watson said

“The constitutional debate so far has concentrated on the mechanisms of fiscal autonomy. In this paper we look at the fiscal implications of constitutional change and how it might support a radical social and economic strategy for Scotland.”


The Red Paper Collective:

Dave Watson, Richard Leonard, Jackson Cullinane, Neil Findlay MSP, Vince Mills, John Foster, Pauline Bryan, Alan Mackinnon, Tommy Kane, Stephen Low, Tom Morrison, Jennifer McCarey, Stephen Smellie

For further information contact Tommy Kane on 07833496436 and at

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